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Exclusively Paralegal offers a variety of paralegal and notary services in Reno, Nevada.  We focus our concentration on the areas of Civil Litigation, Business/Commercial Organizations and Estate Planning/Probate.  Please review our practice areas below to learn more about each individual range of service.

Civil Litigation
  • ​Draft initial and responsive pleadings, motions, supporting declarations, petitions, applications, stipulations and orders, release and settlement agreements

  • Draft 16.1 initial disclosures and production of documents and image, Bates and index; prepare case conference reports and 16.1 pretrial disclosures

  • Compose written discovery and prepare draft responses/answers; assemble documents responsive to interrogatories and requests for production

  • Review, organize and abstract documents; recognize privileged documents and prepare description list; maintain tracking of the sources of documents produced and cross-reference document production numbers with hearing and deposition exhibits; collect potential deposition and trial exhibits by witness, summarize deposition testimony, organize and correlate by topic

  • Assist in brief preparation (trial/appeal), draft declarations in support, perform case and cite checking, Shepardize, verify exhibit and transcript references; prepare index, table of authorities, excerpts of record, appendix

  • Manage trial preparation, assemble trial notebooks, draft jury instructions, compile witness lists and trial exhibits, prepare outlines, timelines, charts and demonstrative evidence; obtain, direct and coordinate trial support vendors; prepare/serve witness subpoenas, organize witness prep and schedule dates/times to appear and testify

  • Support counsel at trial, provide technical support utilizing trial-specific software and presentation programs

  • Assist with post-trial motion practice; draft cost memos, motions to re-tax and motions for attorney’s fees; perfect judgments and execute on assets; appeal practice

Business Organizations / Commercial
  • Prepare business organizational documents and agreements, written resolutions and minutes of meetings, maintain annual business filings, plan annual meetings and itineraries and prepare notices, agendas and meeting packages

Estate Planning / Probate
  • Draft wills, trusts and ancillary agreements; prepare deeds, transfers and assignments, and record; draft probate applications, petitions and orders 

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