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Exclusively Paralegal contracts exclusively with licensed attorneys to save you money, while working with you to move your cases along timely and effectively. Engaging a contract paralegal in Reno, NV, is a win-win situation. 

A Certified Paralegal who is also a Notary is an added plus to the services provided.

​Exclusively Paralegal can provide your firm with a financial advantage. When you include sick time, vacation pay, bonuses, health insurance, retirement plans and employment taxes, a full-time paralegal employee actually costs you significantly more than just an annual salary. However, a contract paralegal invoice for legal services can be passed on in the firm’s monthly billing statements as a legal vendor cost allowing the firm complete recovery from the client. Alternatively, your firm can generate positive cash flow by engaging a contract paralegal whose hourly fee can be marked up and included at a higher rate in your client’s monthly billing statement. 

Exclusively Paralegal can increase efficiency and your bottom line. Why not utilize a senior-level paralegal in Nevada with a broad range of experience and depth of knowledge acquired through 20 years in the legal profession; one who has participated in many complex, document-intensive litigation cases, including class action, construction defect, product liability, catastrophic personal injury/wrongful death and trustee representation in very large bankruptcy matters; and, who also possesses extensive knowledge in contract/transactional law, business organizations, estate planning and probate. 

Exclusively Paralegal is dedicated to producing impeccable work product and has the ability to assist in any size or time sensitive project.

Exclusively Paralegal can be an added facet to your firm’s client services and continued success. Education and certification are important factors in establishing a high level of understanding the assignment and the ability to proficiently accomplish the task. It is undeniable that knowledge and experience ensure your expectations will be met. e

Exclusively Paralegal will assist you with the tasks you keep pushing to the bottom of the pile. Your clients will appreciate the attention to their case and savings in legal fees. 

Exclusively Paralegal would be delighted to provide contract paralegal services to your firm. A highly qualified, senior-level paralegal can buy you peace of mind and extra time.

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The Advantage of a Certified Paralegal in Reno