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Welcome to Exclusively Paralegal, LLC
​Are you drafting pleadings the day they are due, missing filing and discovery deadlines, begging for extensions of time, spending time you don’t have on deposition and document review? You have briefs to write, hearings and depositions to attend, potential clients to meet . . . 
​Exclusively Paralegal is a highly qualified, senior-level paralegal service in Reno, NV that:
  • delivers impeccable work product with attention to detail
  • maintains the highest level of confidentiality and ethics
  • increases your firm’s efficiency and bottom line
  • brings an added facet to your client services and continued success
  • has the ability to undertake any size or time sensitive project

Exclusively Paralegal is proficient in many types of practices, including:

Civil Litigation
  • Draft initial and responsive pleadings
  • Prepare 16.1 initial disclosures and production of documents
  • Compose written discovery and prepare draft responses
  • Review, organize, abstract documents, recognize privilege
  • Assist with brief preparation – dispositive, pretrial, post-trial, appeal 
  • Manage trial preparation, assemble trial notebooks, trial support 
  • Prepare cost memos, fee applications, judgment and collection

Business Organizations
  • Draft business organizational documents and agreements
  • File initial forms, maintain annual filings and compliance
  • Issue share certificates, organize ledgers, transfers and tracking
  • Prepare notices, agendas, board packages, itineraries 
  • Draft minutes, resolutions, name change, merger, dissolution

Estate Planning / Probate
  • Draft wills, trusts and ancillary agreements
  • Prepare and record deeds, transfers and assignments
  • Inventory assets, obtain appraisals and valuations 
  • Draft probate applications, petitions and orders 
​Over 20 years Nevada legal experience
​State Bar of Nevada Legal Assistant Division
​NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal

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Advanced Certified Paralegal in Reno, NV

Exclusively Paralegal is looking forward to provide your firm with contract paralegal services in Nevada. Please contact us at info@exclusivelyparalegal.com